Friday, October 25, 2013

Kiawah: Days 5 & 6

I planned for my last Kiawah post to go out while I'm working in San Francisco! Check back next week to see how that trip went.


Our last full day in Kiawah was Friday, and we planned to stay on the island and have a low key day and dinner. We followed the plan and it was such a nice, relaxing day.

We started out with some beach time.


It looks gorgeous, but it was chilly. I actually only really went in the water on the first two days, and the last day. Once you got in, it was fine, but getting in was the hard part. The rest of our beach week consisted mostly of taking walks and reading in the sun.

After we had our fill of the beach, we biked over to Freshfields, a little town center area with the grocery store and a few shops. Before we left, Brian asked if I wanted to drive. I thought he was being ridiculous. Then after an hour of biking there, I realized that it was WAY farther than I remembered. Luckily, I had plans to splurge a little while we were there so the bike ride was probably a very good idea. Just FAR.

We went to Java Java to get some lunch.


It's a really cute little coffee shop with yummy sandwiches.


I had a Caprese panini. They always give you an orange slice and a quarter of a muffin, which is very delicious and brownie-like.

After lunch, it was straight to the main attraction.


ICE CREAM. Can you have a beach vacation without it? I loaded up on this cone with cookie dough bites (donated to Brian), brownie and fudge swirl. I wish I had another one right now. Every time I eat ice cream I remember how much I love it.

We took a pit stop on the way home and got really close to this bird.



Then we had another light dinner of veggie tacos. Eating light on the nights we weren't in Charleston was key to not overdoing it on this trip!


On Saturday morning, we woke up really early to try and catch the sunrise before we headed back. We threw on some clothes and started the trek to the beach. About two minutes in we heard a rustling in the bushes in front of us. Out onto the path walked a GIANT alligator. Like it was nothing. He came out of the path on one side, about 20 feet ahead of us, and walked on the path for a few seconds before going off into the bushes on the other side. By the time I recovered from shock, it was too late for a picture.


As you can imagine, we decided to take a detour to the beach. The gator was just sitting right there next to the path.

By the time we got close, the sun was up and it was cloudy so we decided to go back and check on the gator.


As we were walking on our detour route, I look to my right and there he is!


Oh, HEY big guy.

He was close to an area with a lot of people, it was the parking lot in the back of a resort on the island and there were a lot of staff around so we alerted them to what was going on. They told us they were going to have to call security to relocate him and we hope that everything went alright. We really love the alligators, but there was just too much of a risk with him being so close to so many people. Lots of guests walk their dogs on these paths and I can imagine that this guy would eat a little dog in one bite.

It was a pretty exciting way to end the week though! We finished up a quick breakfast by adding eggs to our leftovers from the night before.


Then it was on to the airport. I can't believe it's already been over a week and that we're a year away from another vacation :(

Still, it was so wonderful and we are so grateful to have had such a fantastic time!

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