Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kiawah Day 4

Thursday on Kiawah was beautiful. The weather was a little cool in the morning, and then nice and beach-y in the afternoon. We started with a bike ride to check out some of the houses and animals on the island.

First up:


Look familiar? It's one of those HGTV Dream homes. They built one on Kiawah Island and Brian and I tried SO hard to win it. But, we did not, so we just look in from the outside. 

We also saw what we voted to be our favorite house on the island.


Isn't that such a gorgeous Southern home? I love all of the porches down here! In the north, we have patios and decks, but in the South they have porches. 

Saw some 'gators, too.


Checked out a few new sites.



We went somewhere new every day on the bikes and it never got old.

Then, we ate some lunch (I was starving so we ate it at the condo and without any photographs) and went to the beach. 


Can you see the dolphin in the photo? There were a bunch of them out there, but it was SO hard to photograph. I did my best photographing from the beach and then zooming in. It was really fun to see, they swam all the way across us until they were out of view.

We also went out for our last dinner that night and headed back into Charleston to eat at Slightly North of Broad. Apparently, they also go by SNOB, but please don't let that stop you from going because the food was so, so great.


The restaurant is owned by the same company as High Cotton, where we went the day before, but it's a little more informal.

I started off with a salad special with hazelnuts, goat cheese, melon and duck confit.


Incredible! It reminded me how much I love hazelnuts (they went really well with the duck) and I ended up adding them to my lunch salads the following week.

Brian had a crab cake and said that this was the best first course of the trip.


For my main, I ordered up the classic shrimp and grits. 


Wow. There was so much food. In addition to the shrimp, there was sausage and some ham. I was worried that it might be too spicy for me, but it really wasn't at all. Just so. much. flavor. I ate a ridiculous amount and mopped up that broth with some cornbread.

Brian's duck was pretty awesome as well. We ordered a side of sautéed spinach, but didn't finish it because the portion sizes on our entrees were so generous.


I went 'light' for dessert and chose creme brûlée. Lighter than a chocolate cake, right?


It was so good. I ate every bite.

The most exciting news was that I didn't fall asleep after dinner! It was so impressive. I made it the entire car ride home. It probably helped that this was our earliest dinner of the week, but I was still proud that my food coma held off.

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